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Enabling Physicians and Personalizing Care with EHR Integration

Express Scripts knows your time is valuable. That’s why we’ve worked with physicians to develop ScriptVision, a suite of data-driven technologies that remove barriers to care and help you and your patients make better clinical and cost-effective decisions – in real time.

Patient-Specific Insights in Your Workflow:

  • Patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Real time safety, adherence and coverage alerts
  • Therapeutic options
  • Pharmacy choices
  • Electronic prior authorizations - Submit an ePA here.

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To learn more about our Real-Time Prescription Benefit functionality and the new ScriptVision™ Physician app click here.

Making a Real Impact

Using this information in the EHR, a prescriber treating a patient for ulcerative colitis saw that the prescription he was preparing to send would cost the patient over $1,300 but that a generic alternative was available for just $4. Changing the order saved the patient from sticker shock at the pharmacy and saved the physician administrative time having to write another prescription.

Two Easy Ways to Start Using ScriptVision:

  1. If you have these capabilities in your EHR today, try them.
  2. Talk with your IT team or EHR vendor to get access today. Click here for contact information on the most common EHR vendors.

Additional Resources

If you’re not receiving clinical direct messages from Express Scripts, contact your EHR vendor to check your Health Information Service Provider connection to the Direct Trust.

Click here for our ePrescribing NCPDP IDs and addresses.

For more information on ePrescribing or prior authorizations for Accredo, an Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, click on either hyperlink.

Express Scripts connect with Surescripts, the nation’s most trusted health information network, to connect to Electronic Health Record vendors. Check out Surescripts’ latest press releases here.

Click here to listen to the May 21 AHIP webinar on digital physician solutions and healthcare collaboration. The webinar reviews the progress made on physician connectivity in 2018 and explains how different parts of the health care ecosystem worked together to enhance prescribing, inform care decisions, and advance health care.

Formulary Management

Express Scripts’ National Preferred Formulary is the most widely used drug list in the U.S., providing prescription drug coverage guidelines for 25 million Americans.

Our unique approach to formulary management is guided by an independent panel of clinical experts. It calls for a focus solely on clinical factors first. Financial considerations only come into play if a medication isn’t clinically necessary on a formulary. This results in a clinically sound, cost-effective formulary.

For more information on the 2019 National Preferred Formulary, click here.

Prescribers can view an Express Scripts member’s formulary details in their EHR when a positive eligibility match has occurred. The EHR is able to identify and display the correct formulary details for the member. This helps the prescriber make the most appropriate clinical decision that aligns with the member’s benefit plan.

Drug Recalls

Click here for a list of drug recalls managed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

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