Electronic Prior Authorization – Spend less time on PAs, more time on patients

Did you know that around half the prior authorizations we receive each month are electronic and growing fast? It may be time for you to make the switch to electronic prior authorization (ePA). Here’s why:

  • Faster to send and get reviews
  • Easier to use for prescribers, nurses and office staff
  • Works for any prescription drug and any pharmacy
  • Keeps all your ePA documentation and requests in one place

Two easy ways to start using ePA:

1. Use any of these FREE online services:


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The ExpressPAth portal lets you manage prescription drug ePAs for patients with Express Scripts pharmacy benefits. You can also manage medical PAs if your patient’s health plan is part of Care Continuum1. Note: Express Path is not available for TRICARE beneficiaries.

Cover my meds

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CoverMyMeds is a one-stop shop that works for all medications and all payers. It’s also the preferred solution for submitting ePAs for TRICARE beneficiaries.


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Connect to all PBMs and payers with Surescripts' ePA. It’s easy to submit ePA requests and can save you valuable time if you haven’t fully integrated ePA into your EHR workflow.

2. Enable ePA in your Electronic Health Record System

If you ePrescribe regularly, using your Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the fastest way to complete an ePA. Contact your office manager, medical director or EHR vendor to make sure you have the latest version with ePA.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit

Along with offering ePA within your EHR, you need visibility into each patient’s drug coverage and cost in real time, not after your patient tries filling a prescription at the pharmacy. You can now receive that information during the prescribing process in your EHR. You’ll see:

  • Patient specific out-of-pocket costs
  • Coverage alerts
  • Therapeutic options
  • Pharmacy choices

Prescribing clinically equivalent therapies that better align with patient benefits makes it easier for patients to do the right thing when it comes to taking medication, which ultimately increases adherence.

rtpb two

To learn more about Real-Time Prescription Benefit and the new ScriptVision™ Physician app click here.


Download answers to some commonly asked questions about ePA.

More resources

Get more information about ePA including:

  • State-specific physician forms
  • Downloadable list of drugs with a PA requirement
  • Details on submitting ePAs for Medicare prescription plans

Click here for Physician Resources for Medicare Plan Members.

Click here to listen to the May 21 AHIP webinar on digital physician solutions and healthcare collaboration. The webinar reviews the progress made on physician connectivity in 2018 and explains how different parts of the health care ecosystem worked together to enhance prescribing, inform care decisions, and advance health care.


1 If medical ePA is available through ExpressPAth, “Care Continuum” appears on the patient’s health plan ID card.