Reducing Failed Hepatitis C Therapies by Half

Nov 4, 2014
Hepatitis C patients who do not experience Accredo’s unique clinical model are nearly twice as likely to fail their therapy.
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As we’ve discussed previously, the latest generation of hepatitis C drugs – Harvoni® (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) and its predecessor, Sovaldi® (sofosbuvir) – are priced unreasonably high in the U.S. market. But do you know what’s even more expensive than paying nearly $100,000 for one of these treatments? Paying for it twice.

Lost in the national debate about hepatitis C drug pricing are the thousands of patients who begin these expensive therapies but fail to complete the full treatment regimen. For these patients, the consequences can be dire: failed cures, increased resistance to future therapy attempts and the financial burden of paying to restart the entire regimen.

While other specialty pharmacies have reported failure rates for Sovaldi in excess of 8.3%, patients who instead have filled their Sovaldi prescriptions through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy have failed to complete their therapy only 4.8% of the time.

Hepatitis C patients who do not experience Accredo’s unique clinical model are nearly twice as likely to fail their therapy.

The Cost of Failure

A typical therapy regimen that includes Sovaldi costs approximately $100,000 per patient. Even if a patient only fills his or her first 30-day prescription before discontinuing treatment, more than $30,000 is wasted. In addition, payers may need to spend another $100,000 for that same patient to restart and complete therapy.

When patients stay on their therapy, payers can avoid wasting $130,000 on unnecessary pharmacy spend.

How Accredo Is Setting the Standard for Hepatitis C Care

Accredo’s unique clinical approach helps ensure appropriate, cost-effective use of medications and better treatment outcomes compared with other specialty pharmacies. Accredo offers:

  • Patient Support: Accredo’s Hepatitis Therapeutic Resource Center® offers a team of specialized clinicians who ensure that hepatitis C patients receive the support needed to successfully complete therapy. Accredo also offers online and technology resources for patients including educational tools and a hepatitis C mobile app.
  • Payer Support: Accredo’s patient support model can help payers save money by reducing waste. The online hepatitis C cost and utilization calculator also enables plan sponsors to estimate their potential cost and budget for it.
  • Proactive Intervention: Our state-of-the-art predictive model for hepatitis C helps identify which patients may potentially have a lapse in therapy.  Our trained clinicians, possessing in-depth knowledge of side effects and risks, can then provide extra support to help patients effectively manage their treatment.

Pills only work when people take them. Fortunately, Accredo provides the clinical support necessary to help patients stay on their therapies, achieve healthier outcomes, and reduce unnecessary healthcare spending.

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