Oncology Specialty Pharmacy: 5 Goals

Jun 20, 2019

In a recent Specialty Pharmacy Times article, Accredo’s Rob Osborne and Mary Dorholt address the role of specialty pharmacy within the ever-changing oncology market, delivering consistent care to cancer patients.

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As the oncology pharmaceutical market continues to evolve, specialty pharmacy stakeholders must assume a more active role in determining how cancer care is delivered, particularly with the emergence of targeted treatments and immunotherapy.

While these newer treatments have contributed to the steady decline in the mortality rate from cancer, they come with higher costs – as oncology, medical, and pharmaceutical spend continues to rise.

In their article, Rob Osborne and Mary Dorholt underscore the financial challenges and opportunities associated with bringing these innovative therapies to market. The authors also provide the blueprint for a specialized approach to cancer care, including:

  • Oncology-specific clinical expertise
  • Support for whole person health
  • Specialized clinical model
  • Convenience in technology
  • Broad product portfolio

With this approach, specialty pharmacy will continue to find innovative solutions that optimize financial and clinical outcomes for patients and the industry as a whole.

Click here to download the full article, or click here to access the article via the Specialty Pharmacy Times website.

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