SafeGuardRx Brings Care and Value to Patients, Payers

Apr 13, 2017
The Hepatitis Cure Value®, Cholesterol Care Value® and Oncology Care Value® programs provided substantial clinical and financial value in 2016.
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Value in healthcare goes beyond cost savings. That’s why the Express Scripts SafeGuardRxSM suite of condition-specific solutions was designed to provide specialized, individualized care, along with reducing the cost of treatment and ensuring patients have access to the medications they need.

Our Hepatitis Cure Value Program®, Oncology Care Value Program® and Cholesterol Care Value Program® utilize Express Scripts’ unique care model, which provides access to specialist pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians at our condition-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers® (TRCs). Working one-on-one with patients, these clinicians utilize their deep knowledge to enable optimal outcomes, including higher adherence rates and a reduced need for extended therapy regimes.

In 2016, these solutions provided substantial clinical and financial value to payers and patients.


Our Hepatitis Cure Value Program helps patients stay on track and complete therapy.

  • With a 96% cure rate across our book of business, almost every Hepatitis C patient who completed therapy saw an optimal outcome.
  • Only 7% of patients in our program discontinued therapy early. This is important because when patients stop and restart therapy, they may require an extended (and more costly) course of treatment.


Our Oncology Care Value Program provides individualized care from the Oncology Therapeutic Resource CenterSM.

  • Advice from a dietitian and other forms of specialized care help patients stay on course with sometimes difficult drug regimes.
  • Oncology patients who fill their prescriptions at Accredo® specialty pharmacy are 5% more adherent than those who fill their prescriptions at retail.


Our Cholesterol Care Value Program is designed to prevent inappropriate or unnecessary use of PCSK9 inhibitors, biologic medications that carry a wholesale cost of more than $14,000 a year. 

  • About 83% of patients with prescriptions for PCSK9 inhibitors were redirected to clinically appropriate, less costly statins.
  • Patients with a clinical need for PCSK9 inhibitors received specialized care from the Cardiovascular Therapeutic Resource CenterSM, achieving up to 12% greater adherence.


By working together with our clients, we have successfully controlled drug costs in these challenging categories while delivering the highest standard of care.

The Express Scripts SafeGuardRx Solutions

In addition to the Hepatitis Cure Value, Oncology Care Value and Cholesterol Care Value program, Express Scripts SafeGuardRx includes these solutions:

  • The Inflammatory Conditions Care Value ProgramSM is a comprehensive approach to control costs and improve care for people with inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and Crohn’s disease.
  • The Diabetes Care Value ProgramSM enables patients to fill 90-day prescriptions for diabetes medication at a quality-based pharmacy network while guaranteeing that payers’ future spend on diabetes medications will remain below a per-patient cap.
  • The Express Scripts Inflation Protection Program shields participating plans from the full cost impact of excessive year-over-year price increases on brand drugs.
  • The Express Scripts Market Events Protection ProgramSM accelerates our ability to act more quickly on participating plans’ behalf when dramatic price increases, patent expirations, unwarranted price discrepancies and other potentially damaging market events arise.

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