Pharmacist at Home: Virtual Consultations

Jan 7, 2016

Tele-pharmacy provides patients with specialty conditions convenient and tailored clinical consultations to improve adherence and health outcomes.

  • Immune Deficiency

Facing the diagnosis of a chronic condition like Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) can be a difficult experience. Not only do patients experience severe pain and swelling in areas of the body such as hands and feet, these patients are typically prescribed medications with complex administration techniques.

Providing the Most Effective Therapy and Care for Patients

Accredo’s Pharmacist at Home pilot is designed to provide personalized support to new-to-therapy PsA patients through a HIPAA-compliant video platform, available on a patient’s desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Many patients desire a face-to-face consultation, but they want one that can occur from the comfort and privacy of their home. And they prefer speaking with a specialist who has the time and knowledge to answer every question the patient may have about that particular medication and that particular condition.

The virtual consultations are designed to provide convenience and a tailored health care experience, while improving patient health outcomes and satisfaction. 

Pharamcist at Home

Through remote, visual interaction with Accredo’s specialist pharmacists, patients will be able to receive care in their own private setting and can feel more confident that they are correctly administering their own treatments. Patients can also learn about the medications’ side effects, storage requirements and proper disposal.

Innovation in Action

Over the past decade, telehealth has experienced rapid growth and deployment across a variety of healthcare settings. We believe that face-to-face video consultations between pharmacists and patients have the opportunity to ensure a significant positive impact on patient comfort, confidence, and, ultimately, successful long-term adherence to critical medications.

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