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Jun 5, 2018
Express Scripts and MedAvail collaborate to explore how automated, self-service pharmacy centers can provide insured, underinsured and uninsured patients with a more affordable and convenient pharmacy experience.

Technology -- and a culture shift -- allow us the opportunity to evolve and simplify healthcare services to better accommodate our busy schedules, which in turn can lead to better adherence and outcomes.  Indeed, convenience is the new currency among all of us who are looking for faster, easier, always-accessible services to conform to our daily lives.  In many aspects of our lives, from banking to grocery shopping, technology is enabling a new self-service economy.

At Express Scripts, we leverage data and technology to make healthcare simpler, safer and more convenient for patients and providers. We believe the time has come to explore self-service pharmacy technology with MedAvail to enhance the pharmacy experience for consumers.

Convenient Pharmacy

MedAvail is the maker of MedCenter™ -- automated, self-service, pharmacist-supported, kiosk pharmacies that can provide patients with safe and cost-effective pharmacy care close to where they live, work or get their medical care. MedCenter can:
  • Safely and securely dispense chronic, acute and over-the-counter medications under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. 
  • Accept handwritten and electronic prescriptions.
  • Dispense a prescription in under 90 seconds.
  • Provide people with 24/7 access to comprehensive, multi-lingual pharmacist service through private audio-visual communications built into the pharmacy center, as well as access via an integrated smartphone app. 



This consumer experience can do for pharmacy care what the ATM did for personal banking – enable greater access and efficiency, especially during times of immediate need, while streamlining the experience for those consumers who need expert counsel and support from a pharmacist.

When deployed on a larger scale, this technology could have the potential to bring pharmacy dispensing to employer sites, hospital emergency rooms, community clinics and university campuses. This technology also could help community pharmacists increase their community presence and the efficiency of their operations, relieve congestion at retail pharmacy counters, extend a pharmacy’s hours of operation, and allow pharmacists to focus on their important role in providing clinical care to patients.

Investing for the Future

The collaboration between Express Scripts and MedAvail will examine how automated, self-service pharmacy centers can provide insured, underinsured and uninsured patients with a more affordable and convenient pharmacy experience.

This pilot is beginning in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, where six MedCenters are now available in a variety of locations including grocery stores, pharmacies and medical clinics, with total of 15 to be deployed by the end of 2018. Express Scripts members living in these areas -- and customers of the Inside RxSM prescription savings program that provides discounts on medications to people who are uninsured or underinsured -- can choose to fill their medication at one of these MedCenters.

Over the course of the next year, we will expand access to MedCenters in several states, including additional locations in Arizona and new locations in Illinois, to thousands of Express Scripts members.

Express Scripts’ investment in MedAvail is being made through the Lewis & Clark Ventures Fund for Healthcare Innovation.

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