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Nov 11, 2015
Packaged With Care is focused on highlighting the care Express Scripts demonstrates to the millions members we serve.

In honor of Veterans Day, a new program pilot – Packaged With Care – is launching that will allow our members who entrust us with the care of their prescription medications to pay that care forward to those serving in the military.

Packaged With Care redefines our home delivery service by creating an emotional bond with not only our service and the Express Scripts Pharmacy, but also service men and women. The idea is a one-for-one gift concept – convert a prescription to home delivery and we’ll send a care package in your name to a veteran or deployed service member at no cost to you.

Packaged With Care is focused on highlighting the care Express Scripts demonstrates to the millions members we serve. We built our entire business model around caring for patients, and this program highlights and extends that care to others as well. With Packaged With Care, we are enlisting our members to do something more with their simple switch to home delivery.

How It Works

When a member transfers a prescription to home delivery, they receive a promo code to create/send a free package to a service member. They are prompted to visit the Delivering Care Everywhere website, and enter their promo code with a personalized message. Four to six weeks later, the service member receives the package and a prompt to say “thanks” on the website.

For the program, Express Scripts has partnered with Operation Gratitude, a nonprofit organization that has sent more than 1.3 million care packages worldwide. For every prescription that a member converts to home delivery, a care package worth $75 will be sent. Care packages include magazines, DVDs, snacks, gift cards, personal hygiene items and thank you letters, including notes from children, a card from Express Scripts thanking them for their commitment to our country.

Seeing the Impact Firsthand

In addition to my role at Express Scripts, I also serve as a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserves.

When I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013, my Express Scripts coworkers sent numerous care packages to my unit and me. I know personally how much it means to feel supported and get a small taste of home when deployed.

When you are in combat, one of the few things you have to look forward to every week is mail call. Getting packages and surprises from America definitely puts a smile on your face, and allows you the opportunity to give, in turn, to other members of your unit, Afghan children, and soldiers from other countries. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Packaged With Care is available at no cost to clients, and our goal is to send 1 million care packages over the next four years.

It’s the right thing to do because it gives back in so many ways, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever done as a company before.

When you think about it, we ship care packages to patients every day in the form of a home delivery prescription. They need that medication to stay well or to get well. This program allows us to only grow the care we provide.

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Hugh Tychsen
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