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Mar 23, 2017

As an independent pharmacy benefit manager, we have the flexibility to provide plans with more choices through a variety of retail options along with home delivery through the Express Scripts Pharmacy.

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Nonadherence is one of the country’s most costly healthcare challenges, contributing more than $300 billion in pharmacy waste each year. This is especially detrimental for the nation’s highest cost disease states. For example, drugs to treat inflammatory conditions were the most expensive therapy class in 2016, and yet, 42% of patients taking these medications were nonadherent. The diabetes class saw 37% nonadherence and asthma topped out at 73%.

Taking medication as prescribed not only improves the health outcomes for patients but reduces the need for additional medical care and avoids waste from medications that are purchased but never used.

An easier way to solve non-adherence

In the changing healthcare landscape, we’ve expanded 90 day options to provide more flexibility and choice to best fit client and patient needs.

Whether through retail or home delivery, 90-day supplies produce the best outcomes. Here are the facts*:

  • 66.9% of patients remain adherent to 30-day prescriptions at retail
  • 85.0% of patients remain adherent to 90-day prescriptions at retail and home delivery

The Express Scripts Home Delivery pharmacy is the most effective channel for maintaining adherence, but it’s not the only channel. As an independent pharmacy benefit manager, we provide our clients with flexible options for keeping their patients on track with their long-term medications. We have expanded our retail network options so that members can have a choice of using a retail pharmacy or home delivery to fill long-term medications.

90 day supplies of maintenance medications reduce waste from non-adherence, increase plan savings and – most importantly – improve care and convenience for patients, which leads to healthier outcomes.

* Percent based on Express Scripts’ book of business in Smart90 programs; each client may have different results.

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