VIDEO: A Health Care Transformation Has Begun

Mar 28, 2019

Since 2010, the Express Scripts Lab has been a beacon for positive change in the healthcare industry. Home to more than 150 industry experts, including data scientists and researchers, decision and UX designers, doctors and specialist pharmacists, the Lab has produced new solutions and capabilities that have led to industry leading drug trend and simple, meaningful patient experiences.

But healthcare remains incredibly complex and broken. Chronic conditions are becoming more prevalent. Specialty drug costs continue to rise. There are new drugs, new care models, new technologies and consumer attention span is at a premium.

It is because of this that we are transforming our innovation space to meet the future of healthcare head on. This transformation will be complete in the summer of 2019 and mark the launch of a new era in healthcare innovation.

Working together with payers, patients, physicians and industry partners, we will reimagine and create new solutions and personalized experiences that will fundamentally change healthcare for the better.

Every day in this space is a day disrupting the status quo. Together:

  • We listen to the “voice” of our many customers, through real-time data and analytics, to understand and anticipate their needs
  • We uncover actionable insights that inform strategies to drive out wasteful spending and help payers manage their health benefits
  • We rapidly prototype and test new solutions, technologies and care models that will change patient behavior and improve the payer, physician and pharmacy experience
  • We place ourselves in the “shoes” of patients through an end-to-end immersive experience to better understand the challenges they face so that we can solve their problems in personalized ways
Every day, along with payers and industry stakeholders, we get better, together.

Join us in the pursuit of a simpler, more sustainable system and better health for all by scheduling your visit at

 Lab image - overview Better Is Big

 Work with us to conceptualize and customize solutions to meet your unique needs.

Lab meeting space - screens

Take a deep dive in the Voice of the Customer Hub where we analyze real-time data and uncover actionable insights.

Overview - Lab interior

Rapidly prototype and experience your patients’ journeys through an immersive experience that will make us all think differently about the solutions we create.

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Mark Bini, MBA
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