3 Ways Express Scripts Simplifies Care

May 17, 2019

At Express Scripts and the Accredo specialty pharmacy, we’re making health care simpler for patients and physicians, at every touch point. Attendees at Outcomes 2019 got an up close look at how we are improving the quality of care while making health care more affordable at the EXP, an immersive collaboration space that provided clients an opportunity to Explore, Experience and Expand their understanding of our solutions..

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Simplifying the Doctor’s Office Experience

Express Scripts and Accredo equip physicians with the technology they need to help them make better real-time clinical decisions for their patients through:

  • Timely, simplified prior authorization (PA) reviews and electronic PAs.
  • Important information delivered directly to physicians through the ScriptVisionTM Physician App and into their electronic health records. This capability gives providers visibility into patient-specific prescription benefits to help make informed outreach to patients.
  • Expertise and guidance for physicians delivered by 200+ Accredo Physician Advisors and Express Scripts academic detailing pharmacists. Working as a strategic partner to physicians, this team helps to enhance and simplify the patient experience.

These enhanced capabilities are just some of the reasons why two out of three prescribers say they prefer Accredo as their specialty pharmacy of choice.

Providing Care at the Right Place, at the Right Time

We focus on the right things to simplify healthcare. Powered by advanced analytics, Express Scripts offers solutions that help payers control costs, improve access and ensure quality care for members.

  • Predictive, proactive and data-driven specialty patient interventions to drive down costs and avoid waste.
  • Exposing unexpected opportunities to control costs while retaining or improving member experiences with solutions like our new Patient Assurance Program, our value-based platform SafeGuardRx® and strategic management of pharmacy networks and formularies.

Meeting Patients Where They Are

Better health doesn’t have to be complicated. Express Scripts and Accredo meet patients where they are, with the care they need.

  • Innovation that improves member experience and care, including new remote monitoring devices, an improved digital experience and integrating new technologies such as Alexa® and augmented reality.
  • In-home specialty patient education and support from Accredo’s Therapeutic Resource Centers, including in-home infusion nurses and patient educators support patients where they need us to be.
  • Our more than 550 staff field nurses — 63% who have pediatrics training — start, stay and complete the entire infusion. There are supported by our National Support Center nurses who are available 24 hours a day and who answer 7,000 patient emergency calls each month.

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