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Jul 16, 2015
At Express Scripts, we’ve designed a culture for innovation that puts our clients and members in the front seat.

Over the years, “innovation” has become the token buzzword across the science and technology sectors.

But at Express Scripts, innovation is more than a buzzword.

To me, innovation is about identifying and prioritizing problems that are worth solving. We listen to our clients and understand their challenges. We also listen to what the data is telling us to develop insights that inform our strategies. At Express Scripts, we’re constantly generating new ideas and testing vigorously for their effectiveness and feasibility, and clients play a big role in this process.

Because of this, Forbes Magazine recently named Express Scripts one of the most innovative companies in the U.S.

Innovation Tailored to Members We Serve

Our Innovation team focuses on the pain points most critical for our clients and our members. These include:

  • High cost of specialty medications
  • Nonadherence to necessary drugs
  • Member inertia to use lowest cost pharmacy and drug options
  • Sub-optimal star ratings
  • Adherence and health of caregivers and care recipients

Right now at the Express Scripts Lab, we’re focusing on a number of key areas:

Remote Patient Monitoring: We’re always looking at ways to drive adherence and improve patient care. In partnership with many of our clients, we’re testing the newest high-tech devices across a number of critical disease states for real-time, remote monitoring and tailored interventions. We couldn't do this effectively without our Therapeutic Resource Centers® and the clinical specialization, support and education they can provide.

Care Assist Pilot: Research from the Lab indicates that caregivers tend to have a higher prevalence of chronic conditions and are less adherent to their medications than non-caregivers. In addition to helping caregivers take care of others, this pilot program is leveraging the many pharmacy touch points Express Scripts has with caregivers to help them take care of themselves and to drive them to existing support and engagement programs available through their employer.

Plan Ahead Pre-Commitment: This pilot focuses on locking in good member intentions to utilize the safest, most convenient and lowest-cost pharmacy – knowing that human behavior often gets in the way. Leveraging a page from our Consumerology playbook, the Plan Ahead pilot allows individuals to voluntarily lock in good intentions to use the Express Scripts Pharmacy for all current and newly prescribe medications.

Pharmacist on Demand: We’re leveraging face-to-face interactions with Express Scripts pharmacists via smartphones and tablets that will bring clinical specialization to patients in a new way. This pilot program will be offered to new-to-therapy patients with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, pulmonary conditions (asthma and COPD) and oncology.

Opioid Dependency Prevention: Opioid dependence is a critical pain point for our clients and our members. We’re testing new ways to proactively identify and reach out to members to prevent dependence before it becomes a problem.

More than 300 clients and 6 million members are currently participating in these and other pilots.

Pilots help us test concepts, messaging and new technology so that our clients can be confident in the evidence-based solutions we bring to market.

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Mark Bini, MBA
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