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Jun 26, 2019

Focused on actionable data insights and specialized clinical care, Express Scripts’ experts share perspectives on key health care topics this past month.


Express Scripts’ experts share insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are our most-read topics from the past month:

1. The Fix for Fragmented Care

The same system that provides some of the best health care in the world is also a system that is fragmented and complicated. That fragmentation is costing a lot of money - $765 billion in annual waste due to unnecessary and inefficiently delivered services, as well as preventable conditions, and lack of care coordination.

Health Connect 360SM creates a holistic experience centered on a patient’s care, connecting all entities and supporting people through their engagement preferences to avoid gaps-in-care and keep them healthier.

2. Access Meets Value in HIV Treatment

The current state of HIV treatment options is incredibly promising for people living with HIV. Antiretroviral regimens are keeping the virus in check, while other treatments prevent the transmission of HIV for at-risk people.

Among the greatest challenges for HIV treatment is cost. The wide range of highly effective agents currently available, along with new drugs coming onto the market, have created competition in this class that hasn’t existed before, allowing us to provide patients with the best options therapeutically and more cost-effectively.

3. Specialty Meds Require Specialized Care

Medications dispensed by specialty pharmacies often require special storage, handling and packaging prior to dispensing. Yet that’s just part of the complexity of specialty medications. Specialty pharmacies also play a critical role in coordinating many aspects of patient care to more effectively manage treatment, side effects and interactions with other therapies.

With specialty medications now accounting for 44.7 percent of total drug spending, a specialty pharmacy like Accredo has become increasingly important to providing care for complex conditions while helping to ensure the greatest value for patients, providers and patients.

4. Video: Patient Assurance Program

More than a quarter of the approximately 24 million Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes use insulin – alone or along with other medications – to keep their blood glucose levels in check. Our Patient Assurance ProgramSM will ensure eligible people with diabetes in participating plans pay no more than $25 for a 30-day supply of insulin.

5. FDA Update: June 2019

Express Scripts’ Emerging Therapeutics team monitors new drug approvals, new generics and other actions from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read about some important approvals and updates we tracked over the past month.

6. Oncology Specialty Pharmacy: 5 Goals

As the oncology pharmaceutical market continues to evolve, specialty pharmacy stakeholders must assume a more active role in determining how cancer care is delivered, particularly with the emergence of targeted treatments and immunotherapy.

In a recent Specialty Pharmacy Times article, Accredo’s Rob Osborne and Mary Dorholt address the role of specialty pharmacy within the ever-changing oncology market which is seeing a steady decline in the mortality rate from cancer but an increase in cost and complexity of newer treatments.

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