Adding Value: National Preferred Formulary

Nov 12, 2018
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At the center of all that we do, we have a common goal: to make healthcare better, more accessible, and more affordable for all. We proactively find ways to unlock new value and set our clients up for success.

We are constantly in pursuit of a more sustainable healthcare model, so we employ a principled formulary management strategy that results in clinically sound, well-managed formularies, year after year. We then apply our size and scale to negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers on our clients’ behalf.

It is because of this philosophy that the National Preferred Formulary (NPF) has altered the marketplace dynamic, helping us to drive more competition and contain costs while minimizing member disruption.

In 2014, the NPF began excluding select medications that do not provide greater clinical value than lower-cost alternatives. The majority of excluded medications are interchangeable with lower cost alternatives and we work with members’ physicians to convert members to preferred medications.

Since then, the NPF has saved enrolled clients an estimated $10.6 billion, including a projected $3.2 billion for 2019 alone. We’ve delivered these savings while only impacting a small number of members. In fact, formulary exclusions only impact 0.2% of members on the NPF.

While unlocking new value for our healthcare system is necessary, our number one focus always has been and always will be caring for members. To ensure members have access to clinically necessary therapies, the Express Scripts Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee reviews medications and provides formulary recommendations from a purely clinical perspective.

To learn more about how the NPF generates significant savings for plans and members without compromising clinical care, download our research report, Adding Value: National Preferred Formulary Generates Savings for Plans and Patients.

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