Reducing Medical Costs and ER Visits for Patients with MS

Jun 1, 2016
Express Scripts research has found that higher medication adherence in patients with multiple sclerosis leads to a reduced risk of emergency room visits and lower MS-related medical costs.
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We know that patients who do not take medication as directed often experience poorer health and increased medical expenses. New Express Scripts research found that patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) who took their medication consistently were found to have 66% fewer ER visits and 23% lower medical costs than those MS patients who did not.

Average MS-related medical costs for patients in the lowest medication adherence range were $23,253, while those in the highest adherence range averaged $17,814, resulting in an average savings over $5,400.

The Accredo Difference

Accredo, the Express Scripts specialty pharmacy, helps MS patients achieve an average adherence rate of 85.9%, which is 5% higher adherence than patients filling their MS medications at a retail pharmacy. Accredo’s care model centered on the patient translates to better adherence and improved outcomes, including decreased medical costs. Accredo does this by offering individualized, condition-specific care through our Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutic Resource Center. Accredo patients can expect:

  • Specialty Clinical Care Management program to engage, support and educate patients
  • 24/7 access to specialty-trained pharmacists and nurses
  • Comprehensive and custom patient onboarding process
  • Patient education materials specific to both drug and disease state
  • Thorough gap-in-care intervention outreach to improve adherence

Thanks to enhanced care and service, Accredo patients are more likely to take their medication as directed, which is shown to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs. For more information about Accredo, visit


For this study, Express Scripts analyzed data from Truven Health Analytics MarketScan®. The 2012 and 2013 data includes integrated pharmacy and medical claims for commercially-insured patients, age 18 to 64, who are using medications to treat MS.

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