Formulary Information

Express Scripts has many years of formulary development expertise and an extensive clinical pharmacy department. Express Scripts develops formularies through a process involving the work of the following committees:

1. Therapeutic Assessment Committee

2. National Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee

3. Value Assessment Committee

For more information about how the National Formulary is developed, download the White Paper: Formulary Development at Express Scripts.

About the National Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee

The Express Scripts National P&T Committee consists of 15 non-employee physician members and one pharmacist member from active community and academic-based practices and represents a broad range of medical specialties. Although members receive reimbursement for travel costs and a stipend, their involvement on the P&T Committee reflects their desire to foster better patient care on a national level. The P&T meeting summaries are listed below.

Our National Formulary

Our National Formulary includes approximately 500 brand-name products and every generic product. Because we are independent (that is, not owned by a pharmaceutical manufacturer), these medications are selected based on clinical quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our Digital Health Formulary

To make it simpler for consumers and payers to navigate the enormous amount of currently available personal digital health technologies and interventions, Express Scripts has introduced the industry’s first, stand-alone digital health formulary.

The new formulary will help payers ensure the safety, effectiveness and usability of digital health technology tools made available to their members. Available in 2020, the digital health formulary will be a curated list of technology- and software-enabled applications and devices that help patients prevent, manage or treat a medical condition.

Similar to a medication formulary, Express Scripts will employ a comprehensive process overseen by physicians, pharmacists and experts in health research and user experience, who will review clinical outcomes, therapeutic benefit data, and usability to determine inclusion on the formulary. Each digital solution included on the formulary first must demonstrate therapeutic value, effective usability, and stringent security and privacy standards, followed by cost effectiveness.

By adopting a digital health formulary, plan sponsors can confidently deploy a digital health product to their members knowing it has been through a rigorous review process to ensure its safety, quality, usability and affordability.

If you would like us to consider your digital health solution for placement on our formulary, please reach out to us at