Real-Time Prescription Benefit Information

Every second counts.

Express Scripts knows your time is valuable. That’s why we’re here to remove barriers to care and help you make better clinical and cost-effective decisions – in real time – right in your office.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit provides important information in the exam room prior to ePrescribing:

  • See out-of-pocket costs
  • View therapeutic options
  • Receive coverage alerts
  • Avoid the hassle of changing a script after the patient leaves your office
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Many EHR vendors provide access to Real-time Prescription Benefit already, so get started today! And, if you don’t have access yet, contact your EHR or IT administrator to make it available.

Coming soon!

ScriptVisionTM Physician App

Express Scripts wants to make it easier for physicians to have access to member data. Our deep expertise and broad experience give us the perspective to see a better way forward for healthcare. We’re proud to provide capabilities to physicians that save them time, improve their patient’s experiences and improve their lives.

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In November of 2018, we will start to test the ScriptVision physician application with a limited audience of physicians. We know physicians struggle with the having the right information, easily accessible and readily available, about patients’ pharmacy benefits when prescribing. The facts are:

  • 89% of prescribers have no access to prescription pricing information for their patients.1
  • 69% of physicians are unaware of when prescriptions require a prior authorization from a plan.1
  • 20-30% of patients walk out of the pharmacy without the medicine they need because it’s not covered or it’s too expensive.2,3

Participation in the beta test of ScriptVision is limited to Express Scripts clients and physicians. For more information, please contact

If you are participating in the beta and need resources or guides, please see below.

Beta Test Resources

How-to Guide PDF

Real-Time Prescription Benefit flyer PDF


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