Electronic Prior Authorization

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Save time by submitting your Prior Authorizations electronically.

Express Scripts is proud to lead the way for faster, easier and more efficient communications by maximizing electronic channels wherever possible.

There's two easy ways to start using Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA):

1. Choose one of the free online portals:

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Not compatible with TRICARE
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2. Contact your Electronic Health Record vendor to enable ePA in your system. Click here for contact information for the most common vendors.

ePA is the preferred method to submit Prior Authorization requests to Express Scripts.

If you aren’t using ePA, we encourage you to start today, as Express Scripts is retiring several PA fax numbers at the end of 2017. Click here for more information.

If you’re already using ePA through ExpressPAth®, Surescripts®, CoverMyMeds®, or your EHR, continue to use the tool that works best for your office.


ExpressPAth is a user-friendly, web-based prior authorization system across the medical and pharmacy benefit. With it, you can manage pharmacy prior authorizations for your patients with Express Scripts pharmacy benefits (as indicated on the patient’s prescription card). However, ExpressPAth is not compatible with TRICARE beneficiaries. You can also manage medical prior authorizations if your patient’s health plan is part of Care Continuum*

What Providers Need to Expedite Patient Care 


Electronic Health Records

Using your Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the fastest way to complete an ePA and is the best tool if you’re already ePrescribing regularly. Reach out to your Office Manager, Medical Director, or EHR vendor to make sure you have the latest software version upgraded with ePA. Need a phone number or link for your EHR? Click here for contact information for the most common vendors.



Over 700,000 providers choose CoverMyMeds as their ePA solution. By offering free ePA services to providers and allowing them to submit for all medications and all payers, CoverMyMeds is a one-stop-shop for all ePA needs. Additionally, CoverMyMeds is the preferred ePA solution for providers submitting for TRICARE beneficiaries.


CompletEPA QuickStartTM

Connected to 100% of PBMs/Payers, CompletEPA QuickStart is a free website that makes it easy to submit fully electronic prior authorization requests. This easy option will save physicians valuable time until fully integrated electronic prior authorization is available in the EHR workflow.



Click here for a list of the most common questions and answers.


State Specific Information

ePA is a streamlined process that decreases turnaround time for Prior Authorizations and minimizes gaps in patient care.

However, mandates exist in some states requiring Express Scripts to offer fax as an available option for submitting prior authorization requests. Click here for more state specific information.


Prior authorization and  coverage review requests

For more information on specific plan types and Medicare Prescription Plan Resources, visit this page.


*Care Continuum will be listed on the health plan card if medical PA through ExpressPAth is an option.