Delivering Safety and Convenience to Injured Workers

Feb 23, 2017
Workers’ compensation programs that encourage injured workers to use home delivery through the Express Scripts PharmacySM have the potential for big savings.


2017 is expected be an eventful year in the Workers’ Compensation pharmacy marketplace. As states consider implementing formularies or adopting new treatment guidelines, navigating these changes can be difficult for workers’ compensation programs. Ensuing safe access to medication while containing costs has never been more important. At Express Scripts, we are committed to providing strategic support to clients on all marketplace changes and providing solutions for pharmacy cost containment – including how injured workers get their medicine.

Convenience for Injured Workers

Medications requiring ongoing therapy can be filled using the Express Scripts PharmacySM. Through the home delivery, injured workers can receive their medication on their doorstep – no more trips to the pharmacy to fill medications.

Driving Waste out of the System

Prescriptions filled through the Express Scripts Pharmacy also cost less: 90-day prescriptions filled using our home delivery pharmacy save an average of $150 compared to three-30-day fills at retail. This means more savings for programs managing injured workers – with little effort on behalf of the payer.

Express Scripts Workers’ Compensation clients can opt to promote the use of home delivery by implementing educational outreach programs to inform injured workers and physicians that there’s an easier way to get medication. These programs provide information on how injured workers can get started or transfer medications to home delivery as well as outline the process for physicians to send prescriptions directly to the Express Scripts Pharmacy to be filled.

Benefits of the Express Scripts Pharmacy for Injured Workers

  • Superior clinical service: Pharmacists are available 24 hours a day to speak with patients and spend an average of 12 minutes longer counseling patients than at a retail pharmacy.
  • Safety and efficiency: Distinct prescription processing and dispensing sites with 99.996% accuracy rate
  • Convenience: Injured workers can get started using the Express Scripts Pharmacy using or through the Express Scripts mobile app – both digital points make it easy to transfer prescriptions to home delivery, start a new prescription, or refill a prescription.

At Express Scripts, we believe in providing our Workers’ Compensation programs the best in pharmacy management through solutions that improve patient safety as well as bringing awareness to pharmacy channels that can result in greater savings.

Infographic: Download to learn more about the care and convenience of home delivery. 

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