A.I.M. Mutual Earns NAMIC Innovation Award with Express Scripts Solution

Aug 31, 2016
A.I.M. Mutual’s chronic pain care management program leverages Express Scripts opioid solutions to serve injured workers at-risk for opioid dependency.


At A.I.M. Mutual Insurance Companies, our mission is to provide excellent workers compensation services that stabilize costs for employers. With pharmacy being such an important aspect of injured worker care, we work in close collaboration with Express Scripts to help achieve our mission.

Through this partnership, we are proud to be recognized by the National Association of Mutual Insurance (NAMIC) Companies for a Best in Category – Impact Award for Innovation for our chronic pain care management program.

Chronic Pain Care Management

When taken as prescribed, opioids are effective for managing acute pain following an injury, but there is limited evidence for their effectiveness in chronic non-cancer pain. Yet, research shows as many as 35% of individuals with chronic pain have become addicted to their pain medication.

Insurance providers can play a key role on behalf of injured employees at-risk for opioid dependency. The AIM chronic pain care management program includes Express Scripts’ Morphine Equivalent Dose Management program, injured-worker narcotic education outreach, reporting and analytics and other key collaborations with Express Scripts.

Why the MED Management Program Is Important

Stopping the problem is important. Preventing it from occurring is an even more powerful opportunity. Predictive analytics that identify patterns of misuse can lead to earlier intervention – even as early as when the initial opioid prescription is filled.

When Express Scripts finds an outlier – a prescriber, pharmacy or patient behaving in ways we would not expect and that could indicate opioid-drug abuse or misuse – they flag the case to our nurses and adjusters. Our nurses are from the Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute (BDOHI) and have extensive knowledge and experience with workers’ compensation cases. We also leverage Express Scripts' narcotic education letters to communicate directly with injured workers to help them understand side effects, risk of addiction and overall treatment information for safely taking opioid pain medication.

Results-Driven Solution

Since 2005, we have seen a 63% reduction in the number of injured workers receiving extended release opiates.

The AIM chronic pain management program will continue to be a priority, and employers are increasingly supporting our efforts. We’re proud to work with Express Scripts to educate injured workers on the risks of opioid use and provide therapeutic alternatives that ensure the best outcomes.

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