VIDEO: Putting a Cure in Reach

Jun 28, 2016

When the high price of hepatitis C medication made curing the virus impossible for many patients, Express Scripts and Accredo took action.

  • Hepatitis C

When the price of hepatitis C medication became so high that payers were forced to cover only their sickest patients, Express Scripts took action.

For patients like Jim, affordable access to a curative treatment was life-changing.

Jim was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2001. The debilitating side-effects of many medications and lack of understanding about the condition kept Jim from treating his virus. Several years later, his doctor informed him of an effective two drug combination that would cure his hepatitis C, but the medications were cost-prohibitive.

Last year, Jim received news that Express Scripts had negotiated a large enough price discount on Viekira Pak™, that would finally enable Jim to access to the curative therapy and, with it, the promise of a long, healthy life.

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