VIDEO: Practicing Pharmacy Smarter at the Oncology TRC

Apr 28, 2016
Accredo specialty pharmacy surrounds cancer patients like Maryann with care and support.
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From her initial diagnosis and throughout her treatment, Maryann relied on Accredo for help. That’s what we do. We offer patients like Maryann medication and lifestyle expertise from a team, including a pharmacist, dietician, nurse, social worker and others through our Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center® (TRC) to support them throughout their cancer treatment.

When Maryann wasn’t sure she could afford her medication, our team coordinated financial assistance. When she has a question, she knows we’re here to help. Anytime. Day or night.

“We give our patients tender care,” says Oncology TRC pharmacist Melissa Pointer, to help these cancer patients “make their new normal as close to their old normal as possible.”

“They care about you,” says Maryann emphatically. “That’s how I feel.”

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