INFOGRAPHIC: The Cost Complexity of Hepatitis C

May 2, 2014

By 2016, spending on hepatitis C medication will jump 1,800%.

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  • Hepatitis C

In the next two years, spending on hep C medications will exceed that of much more common conditions, including high blood pressure. New therapies being introduced to market cost as much as $100,000 per patient – $1,000 a day. Hep C affects 3 million Americans. Never before has a drug affecting so many been priced so high.

Meanwhile, treatment continues to be complex, making adherence a major challenge. Nonadherence could lead to resistance and therapy failure.

Specialty-trained hepatitis pharmacists help identify potential safety concerns and provide disease-specific counseling to patients to improve adherence and lower overall treatment costs. This includes preparing patients for treatment, providing guidance to mitigate side-effects and ensuring appropriate use of medications. Patients who use a specialty pharmacy like Accredo are 60% more likely to achieve optimum adherence and this leads to better health outcomes.

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