INFOGRAPHIC: Complexity of Bleeding Disorders

Apr 1, 2014

Bleeding disorders are costly and complex conditions, requiring specialized care.

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  • Hemophilia

Bleeding disorders – such as hemophilia and von Willebrand disease – are complex conditions that can cost more than $150,000 annually per patient to treat. Treatment regimens and methods of administration for the medications vary and need to be tailored to individual patient needs. Treatment options depend on various factors, including disease severity, and can include factor replacement, adjunctive therapies and supportive care.

Bleeding disorder patients who receive education and counseling from nurses with clinical specialization have 33% fewer central venous line infections and 47% fewer overall bleeds among adult patients.

Given its robust assay inventory, Accredo also can help reduce waste for plan sponsors by enabling the closest match of units dispensed to units prescribed, resulting in savings of 8% to 10% of factor costs. Accredo nurses also have a 95% success rate in first-attempt intravenous access for pediatric patients.

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