INFOGRAPHIC: Complexities of Cancer Treatment

Mar 11, 2014

Cancer treatment is complex and costly. Specialty pharmacies, like Accredo, can help reduce waste and ensure optimal outcomes.

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Cancer treatment is complex. New treatments have helped extend life expectancy and improve quality of life. But adherence continues to be a challenge given high costs, severe side effects and complicated regimens. In fact, only 54% of cancer patients achieve optimal adherence.

In addition, treatment use that is off-label or nonevidence-based is adding a significant cost burden for payers without significant benefits for patients. By 2020, cost of cancer care is expected to grow to $174 billion.

Specialty pharmacies such as Accredo can help reduce waste and ensure optimal outcomes. Decision support for physicians can reduce deviation from evidence-based treatment guidelines to less than 10%. Express Scripts research also shows that patients using a specialty pharmacy are 50% more likely to achieve optimum adherence to oral oncology medications.

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