Accredo Hepatitis C App Empowers Patients

Jun 20, 2014
Accredo Specialty Pharmacy has recently launched Accredo Plus C, a new iOS app that empowers hepatitis C patients to take control, better manage their treatment and increase adherence.
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Accredo Plus C

Nearly 3 million Americans have hepatitis C. While new medications are increasing options for patients, treatment is complex and expensive. Adherence to a hepatitis C therapy regimen is critical to avoid future virus resistance.

Accredo, Express Scripts’ specialty pharmacy, recently released Accredo Plus C, the first app created specifically to help hepatitis C patients manage their treatment.

The Accredo Plus C app was created by pharmacists and nurses in the Hepatitis C Therapeutic Resource Center® who specialize in counseling hepatitis C patients. The app leverages their disease-specific expertise to help patients derive the most from their therapy and increase adherence.

Understanding Hepatitis C Treatment

The goal of hepatitis C treatment is to achieve a sustained virulogic response – meaning absence of the virus for six months or longer following therapy completion.

If patients don’t take their medications exactly as prescribed, their therapy can fail. Even worse, future therapies may be less effective. Adherence to the therapy regimen is vital to ensuring successful treatment outcomes.

Empowering Patients

The app includes unique features designed specifically for hepatitis C patients and includes all hep C medications currently on the market.

Accredo Plus C offers:

  • Customized treatment schedules
  • Medication reminders
  • Adherence reports
  • Treatment tracking
  • Viral load graphs
  • Options to email healthcare providers
  • Educational videos and resources

Download Accredo Plus C today from the iTunes App Store or visit to view screenshots and learn more about the app.

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