Cost Savings Through Home Infusion

Mar 10, 2014
A recent article in Specialty Pharmacy Times highlights how Accredo's home infusion services saves money for payers and ensures healthier outcomes.
  • Immune Deficiency

When patients receive immune globulin treatment in an out-patient setting or at a doctors’ office, it adds significant amount of cost burden for payers. Intravenous (IV) immune globulin (IG) – also known as IVIG – is administered to people with deficient or dysfunctional immune systems, or who have autoimmune diseases.

About 40% of infused therapies for inflammatory conditions and 38% for immune deficiency are administered in a hospital outpatient setting where they can cost significantly more than home infusion.

This article in Specialty Pharmacy Times, highlights how Accredo, working with physicians, can transition patients to home infusion services saving money for payers while ensuring healthier outcomes for patients.

Accredo’s home infusion services have 98% patient satisfaction rate, and 99.7% of all infusions are managed through completion. It can also save nearly $2,000 per infusion compared with IV administration in a hospital outpatient setting.

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