VIDEO: How Accredo Helps Boys Be Boys

Aug 12, 2015
Helping patients live their best possible lives is at the heart of everything we do at Express Scripts.
  • Hemophilia

Three young brothers – Bernardo, Fernando and Xavier Gonzalez – all have hemophilia type B, an incurable genetic blood disorder. Their mother, Joanna, grew up with two brothers who have hemophilia, and was well aware of the challenges. Hemophiliacs don’t stop bleeding and they bleed mostly internally; the greatest fear is a hard blow to the head or torso. Patients need medication to clot and stop their bleeding.

Despite their concerns, Joanna and their father, Abraham, want their kids to have a normal life. While there’s still no cure, the care and support for patients has come a long way. Decades ago, the average lifespan for a hemophiliac was 11 years. Now, with proper care, it can be the same as everyone else.

The family has warm, close relationships with their patient care coordinators, infusion nurses and pharmacists. They’ve grown to love these people who are dedicated to helping, educating and empowering them. With the medication, care and support provided by Accredo, boys can still be boys ... playing hard and living an active, happy life.

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