Changing the Envelope in Diabetes Care

Feb 18, 2016
With nearly 40% of patients nonadherent to their diabetes medication, specialized care is critical to ensure better control blood sugar levels.
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Innovators within any industry are constantly challenged to “push the envelope”. At the Express Scripts Lab, we’re working in partnership with our clients to “change the envelope”, driving down healthcare costs while never losing focus on our members' care and experience.

This approach is particularly important when tackling a condition like diabetes, one of the most complex and expensive conditions members and plan sponsors face. Nearly 40% of patients dealing with diabetes are nonadherent to medication. Medication adherence and other healthy behaviors, help patients control their blood sugar levels and live healthier lives. While there is no silver bullet solution to solve for diabetes, we believe that blending Consumerology® with technology and specialized care will help patients leap closer to optimal outcomes.

Innovation in Action

Over the last several months, Express Scripts and nearly 200 of our clients have been working in partnership to test a diabetes remote monitoring solution. Through the use of a connected glucose meter, a smartphone app and ongoing monitoring from our Diabetes Therapeutic Resource Center®, patients are learning how to control their blood sugar levels and adhere to their medications. In the early stages of testing this solution, 61% of patients lowered their A1c levels; 15% of those who started with high A1c levels are now in control (<7.0). As important, we’ve observed an 8% increase in average adherence to oral diabetes medications.

We are proud to have been recognized with a Business Intelligence Group Innovation Award for our efforts to provide better management for patients with type 2 diabetes – an award that we attribute to the innovative partnership we hold with our clients.

While we are excited about our advancements in driving out waste and improving our members’ experience, we know that we have more work to do – a challenge that Express Scripts, our clients and our members willingly take on.

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Mark Bini, MBA
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