The Value of 90-Day Prescriptions

Aug 1, 2013
With Express Scripts' Smart90 program, patients fill their prescriptions in 90-day supplies via our home delivery pharmacy or select retail pharmacies.

Last year in the United States, $329 billion was spent on unnecessary medical bills that could have been avoided if patients would have taken the medicine their physicians prescribed. And one out of every 10 instances of medication nonadherence was caused by a patient simply being late to get a pharmacy refill.

Part of the problem is the standard 30-day fill. When a patient is prescribed a maintenance medication to treat a long-term, chronic condition, it just doesn’t make sense for them to have to trek out to the pharmacy every 30 days to get yet another refill. Month after month, year after year. Every 30 days, there’s another opportunity for that patient to procrastinate, forget, and ultimately fall off their therapy.

That’s where Express Scripts’ Smart90® program comes in. For participating employers and health plans, their members can fill their maintenance prescriptions in 90-day supplies via our home delivery pharmacy or select retail pharmacies.

With these 90-day fills, instead of 12 chances per year to forget a refill, now there are only four. Patients are more adherent to their therapy, and they are achieving better health outcomes.

Home Delivery and Retail Pharmacies Offer Unique Benefits

Home delivery pharmacy services from Express Scripts offer superior patient safety, with a dispensing accuracy rate of 99.99%. And in addition to the convenience of having medication sent right to them, patients receive 24/7 consultations and access to specialist pharmacists who focus exclusively on that patient’s specific health condition.

On the other hand, retail pharmacies offer in-person pharmacist consultations, convenient locations and access to expanded health and wellness services.

Regardless of using home delivery or retail, our data are clear: 90-day prescriptions improve adherence, lower the cost of care, and help avoid downstream health complications.

Participating Pharmacies

Over the past few years, our Smart90 program has been anchored around different sets of select pharmacies based on the specific needs of a particular plan sponsor. Today we added a new option, “Smart90 Walgreens,” which provides participating clients and members the ability to access 90-day supplies either through Express Scripts home delivery or through more than 8,000 Walgreens pharmacy locations nationwide.

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