Safe Medication Delivery in Frigid Temps

Feb 4, 2014
During these cold winter months, Express Scripts takes specific precautions to ensure the safe delivery of medications.

Many cities across the country are enduring record-breaking frigid temperatures. This bitter cold has prompted school closings, warnings of dangerous travel conditions and new vernacular such as polar vortex.

During these cold winter months, we take specific precautions to ensure the safe delivery of medications.

Anticipating Weather Patterns

Some medications such as insulin, many specialty medications, hydrocortisone and various other creams and gels require temperature controls.

For every medication shipment that leaves our pharmacy, we use advanced technology that takes into account the acceptable temperature range for each medication, as well as the entire forecasted weather patterns that the medication will pass through along its journey from our pharmacy to the patient’s hands.

Special Packaging

For those medications that require it, we package them in temperature-protective coolers with warming gel packs to ensure that the medications stay within a safe temperature range — even if the package is sitting outside for several hours after delivery.

In some cases of extreme cold, we may use 12 to 16 gel packs in a single package.

Commitment to Medication Safety

At Express Scripts, we are focused on ensuring the integrity of the medication we ship. And our temperature technology is just one example of how we’re making the use of prescription drugs safer for the tens of millions of Americans we serve.

Even with these precautions, if a patient is concerned that her medication has been damaged, she can call our pharmacists and request that we send a replacement.

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