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Jun 20, 2018

Express Scripts' Smart90SM program is designed with clients and members in mind—to ensure patients have the medications that best fit their needs from both a clinical and an economic perspective, and gives plans and members more choice and more savings.

Kyle vs. Nick. Who saves more time and money on prescriptions, and how? Watch the video to find out!

Who wouldn’t want to save time and money when filling maintenance medications? At Express Scripts, we work alongside our partners to make healthcare simpler.

For example, monthly trips to the pharmacy can be an inconvenience for patients, or their caregivers, who are juggling busy lives and multiple responsibilities. We believe there’s a better way. By giving patients the option of where to fill their 90-day prescriptions so it’s convenient for them, we’re enabling patients to make better decisions.

There’s a health bonus, too. Patients who fill 90-day prescriptions are more likely to take their medicine as prescribed. In fact, they are, on average, 19% more adherent, compared those who use 30-day fills. Because of being more adherent, they also tend to be healthier, and could need less medical care, saving money for themselves and their plans.

Putting the “Smart” in Smart90

We’ve recently expanded Express Scripts’ Smart90 program to offer even more convenience with national retail chains, such as Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid; local independent pharmacies; and, our new Key Anchors option which includes both CVS and Walgreens as anchors together. As always, members have the option to have a 90-day supply delivered right to their door from the Express Scripts PharmacySM, where patients are supported by condition-specific centers that are staffed by specialized pharmacists and other clinicians.

Our plan sponsors now have more choices to manage a 90-day plan that best fits their member population. In addition to the Exclusive Smart90 and Voluntary Smart90 programs, we are now offering two additional options – Incentive Choice Smart90, available now, and Active Choice Smart90, available for 2019. All Smart90 options range from a more flexible to a more tightly managed plan, while driving increased member engagement.

Smart90 benefits

So when it comes to managing maintenance medications, patients – like Kyle – benefit from saving time and saving money with Smart90.

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