INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Rx Home Delivery

Feb 14, 2014

Home delivery for maintenance medications to treat chronic conditions offers patients better care, greater savings and more convenience.

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Retail pharmacies are appropriate for short-term medication that a patient needs right away, for example, an antibiotic. However, for long-term maintenance medications for chronic conditions such as a blood pressure medication that a patient takes every day for several years it just makes sense for a patient to use a home delivery pharmacy.

9 out of 10 patients think the service and value from using home delivery is as good as or better than retail pharmacies.

The Express Scripts Pharmacy offers more convenience, greater savings and better care.

Better Convenience

Fewer Miles: Instead of having to trek out to the pharmacy every single month to pick up medication, patients using home delivery receive 90-day supplies directly to their door. And automatic refills and prescription renewals are available with no additional trip to the pharmacy.

Improved Access: Express Scripts members can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year all from the privacy and comfort of their homes. Our mobile app and website help patients manage their prescriptions on the go.

Greater Savings

More Affordable for Patients: While it differs from plan to plan, patient copayments are, on average, 29% lower through home delivery than at retail pharmacies.

More Affordable for the Country: The country could save an additional $96.3 billion if every patient used home delivery for their maintenance medications.

Better Care

Safer: Our pharmacy is highly automated, capable of filling prescriptions with a dispensing accuracy greater than 99.999% superior to what you would find at most retail pharmacies.

More Specialized Expertise: Express Scripts members are able to speak with specialist pharmacists who focus only on a specific disease state.Higher Adherence Rates: Patients who receive a 90-day supply of medication directly to their door are more likely up to 19% to take their medications and avoid downstream health complications.

Members can start home delivery now to experience the care, savings and convenience of the Express Scripts Pharmacy.

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