What's Next in Wired Healthcare?

Mar 10, 2016
By supporting healthcare connectivity, Express Scripts provides essential information to physicians and other providers at the moment they need it.

When was the last time you sent a fax? How long has it been since you called an airline to book travel? Today’s technology has connected us in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of 25 years ago. The healthcare industry has made great strides in connectivity as well.

Today, for example, more than 80% of U.S. physicians send prescriptions electronically and the number is growing daily. Yet even more functionality is just around the corner. We’re investing millions of dollars to support healthcare connectivity, which will provide essential information to physicians and other providers at the moment they need it. We’re working with physicians in the place where they’re doing their work – the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – so they no longer have to wait for a decision on whether a drug is covered or a better alternative exists. 

Patient Medication Benefit Check

At Express Scripts, we are moving our physician communications away from phoning and faxing and to the EMR, either through the script writing feature or by channeling clinical messages directly into the physician’s EMR workflow.

At the point of the ePrescribing, our Patient Medication Benefit Check program allows the physician to see:

  • The patient’s cost at each channel (retail, mail, specialty pharmacy)
  • Coverage information (prior authorization, step therapy requirements, quantity limits)
  • Alternative drugs and details (generic verses brand pricing, pharmacy channel, coverage)

Pharmacy Clarifications

Pharmacy clarifications allow the doctor to deliver explanations electronically instead of answering queries via fax or phone call. Additionally, Express Scripts will work with the physician to request and obtain brand-to-generic substitutions and be able to provide clinical messages through the electronic channel. With these timely and actionable messages, we’re able to offer better service to both the doctor and his or her patients.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) provides physicians with another opportunity to streamline their prescribing process. Express Scripts ePA solution works within the EMR by providing a way to answer clinical questions when the prescription is written and can return coverage decisions instantaneously, while continuing to safeguard patients from treatments that may be harmful, ineffective or more costly than necessary.

A More Connected Landscape

Sending e-mail on our smart phones and booking travel online is now part of everyday life. And, as healthcare becomes more and more wired, health systems need to aggregate more and more patient health data.

Applying the right clinical rules engine to this data can help provide a full patient-centric view. With these efforts, Express Scripts is saying “good bye” to faxing and phoning when a better technological solution is available.

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