UBC Partnership Accelerates Clinical Research

Mar 31, 2014
UBC has been named preferred oncology clinical research partner by RainTree Oncology Services.
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United BioSource Corp. (UBC), a subsidiary of Express Scripts, has been named the preferred oncology clinical research partner by RT Oncology Services Corp. (RainTree), the nation’s leading community oncology alliance. This agreement seeks to improve patient care by accelerating clinical research in the U.S.

As discussed here previously, UBC provides services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help prove the safety, efficacy and value of medical products.  As RainTree’s preferred oncology clinical research partner, UBC will have access to patient data – under research protocol and with appropriate consent – from RainTree’s alliance of oncologists throughout the U.S. UBC also will partner with RainTree to administer prospective and retrospective observational studies that will provide information about the safety and efficacy of medication in daily clinical use.

This preferred partnership allows UBC to create a standardized process within the RainTree community oncology setting so that RainTree physicians and their patients can more quickly enroll in clinical research. We also will be able to leverage network wide electronic medical records, driving faster completion of clinical research and providing patients in nonacademic treatment settings with access to the latest therapies.

This partnership is at the core of UBC’s distinction in supporting clinical development and optimizing the experience for the patient, physician, manufacturer and payer as new products are approved by regulators and introduced to the marketplace.

This agreement also provides an excellent opportunity for community oncologists to gain experience with new therapies in the same setting where approximately 80% of cancer patients are treated. When these same medications are approved and released more broadly, physicians will already have important experience with these new therapies.

While deaths from cancer have decreased 20% in the past two decades, the fact remains that more than one million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. A partnership focused on bringing together services to create a faster approach to clinical research is welcome news.

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