UBC Finds New Ways to Reach and Help Patients

Mar 19, 2013
Finding and retaining patients and physicians for clinical trials is complex. UBC offers pharmaceutcal manufacturers, technology-driven solutions.

The list of requirements for a pharmaceutical manufacturer to get a new drug on the market is long and complicated. And the most complex step of the process is patient studies. Making sure a new drug is safe and effective requires participation from patients and physicians – a lot of them. Signing patients up for a study is only part of the battle. Drug manufacturers also have to ensure patients stay enrolled. 

UBC, an Express Scripts subsidiary, is an industry-leader in helping pharmaceutical companies navigate the long and difficult path to getting a drug approved and fulfilling the post-approval requirements. This includes finding patients.

UBC has a team dedicated to developing innovative recruitment and retention strategies to find and engage patients and physicians interested in participating in clinical studies and commercial programs.

Most patient recruitment firms offer traditional patient recruitment and retention services, such as branded study materials, direct advertising and site and patient education.

UBC goes beyond these conventional services to offer uniquely customized, data-driven, health technology solutions to support patients in the commercial or clinical setting.

Innovative, Interactive Tools

Today’s patient is more proactive, more technologically savvy and has access to a near limitless stream of information. UBC incorporates the technology and trends of today in its clinical trials and commercial programs.

UBC uses tools such as interactive study websites, social media campaigns, digital outreach programs, as well as texting and QR code campaigns. It also incorporates the use of smart phones and wireless medical devices to send study data electronically and improve study compliance rates. This allows engagement with patients where they are – on the cutting-edge of technology.

Concierge Program Keeps Pace

Today, consumers can order groceries, pay bills and attend classes all from the convenience of their home. UBC keeps pace with its Concierge Program. This program brings the study to the patient with its Home Health Registered Nurses and 24/7 call center. For more complex study visits it offers transportation services to the nearest study site.

Novel Solutions

UBC has access to a variety of data sources through partnerships with large data organizations, such as electronic health records (EHR) companies and retail pharmacies, to create truly novel solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers. UBC is also able to leverage Express Scripts’ proprietary claims data to help find the best patients for its client’s programs.

Every day, pharmaceutical manufacturers are faced with new challenges in working towards bringing their drug to market. UBC’s unique capabilities, cutting-edge technologies, and constant drive towards innovation helps to make that difficult path to drug approval much easier to navigate.

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