The Top 5 Topics in Pharmacy, Right Now

Aug 31, 2017
From new research on diabetes adherence rates to our fight against the opioid crisis, check out the 5 most popular topics this month.
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Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on some of the most important healthcare topics right now. Here are our top 5 articles from this month:

1. Report: Adherence to Diabetes Rx

The latest in our series of comprehensive research reports reveals that commercially insured people who were adherent to their oral diabetes medications experienced significantly fewer emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations, and potentially avoided more than $210 million in healthcare spending in 2016.

2. Helping Doctors, Protecting Patients

Advanced Opioid Management is more than just utilization management: it’s also about patient education and care, proper disposal of unused medication, and using data to monitor for, and intervene in, suspected patterns of abuse. We empower physicians with more patient data as they make opioid prescribing decisions.

3. Generics Deliver Value. Still

Generic medications continue to deliver significant cost savings by providing cost-effective alternatives to brand name medications. By negotiating with drug makers on behalf of 83 million Americans, we have better leverage to reduce generic prescription drug prices for patients.

4. Providing Security in a Time of Rising Costs

Our recent retiree market study examined the various cost-reducing options available to employers, along with what their retirees would be willing to change, in an effort to preserve their prescription benefit. We found that while the security of their benefit remains a priority, changes to their benefit are acceptable when incentivized financially.

5. Ask the Pharmacist: Back to School Rx Tips

If your child has a chronic medical condition such as asthma or diabetes, your back-to-school preparation involves more than new backpacks and glue sticks. Specialty conditions like bleeding disorders require extra planning. Read these tips to keep your child safe and adherent to their therapy.

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