The New Drug Trend Report Is Available

Apr 17, 2012
Express Scripts’ 2011 Drug Trend Report is here! Read healthcare and pharma industry insights inside our groundbreaking annual study.

Express Scripts is excited to announce that our new Drug Trend Report is here.

The Express Scripts Drug Trend Report is the industry’s most comprehensive analysis of year-over-year changes in prescription drug costs and utilization. It’s our way of making sure we’re all at the forefront of understanding the market factors and patient behaviors that affect the healthcare system. With this knowledge, we’re able to continue our innovative solutions that drive progress toward healthier outcomes and more affordable care.

This year’s Drug Trend Report has revealed that the United States wastes an estimate of $317.4 billion each year on unnecessary medical costs that can be avoided by eliminating medication nonadherence. While as patients we believe that taking medications regularly is important for our health, we aren’t as consistent as we think we are. This research sheds light on this issue and discover solutions that will help create better health outcomes. We’re passionate about this research, and we can’t wait to share the findings with you.

Here’s a sneak peek at the topics discussed in the new Drug Trend Report:

  • New insights into nonadherence
  • Innovative solutions for enhanced patient care
  • 2011 industry review
  • Changes in prescription drug spending in 2011
  • Analysis of the top three traditional therapy classes – inflammatory conditions, multiple sclerosis and cancer
  • In-depth review of traditional and specialty medications
  • Forecast of traditional and specialty medications
  • Medicare and Medicaid overview, challenges, solutions, and trends

For our researchers, the Drug Trend Report is so much more than raw numbers and data. It represents unlimited potential to analyze and discover insights that bring us cost-saving, health-improving answers.

The Drug Trend Report shows we’ve made great strides in enhancing the pharmacy industry—but we can’t stop here. We’re eager to work together to take what we’ve learned from the past and continue to improve in the future. We think there’s great opportunity to increase medication adherence, lower costs, and improve health quality overall.

Two illuminating findings that we’ll be expanding upon in the months to come are:

  • Better care and zero waste often go hand in hand. The most effective care can often cost less.
  • The biggest gap right now is between what patients want and what patients do. Recognizing this gap leads us toward solutions focused on activating the good intentions that we already have.

We hope this introduction has made you want to explore the full findings – the complete Drug Trend Report is available now!

Please let us know in the comments below what you think about the report.

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