The Expanded Express Scripts Lab Opens Its Doors

Jul 28, 2014
The expanded Express Scripts Lab – designed to foster collaboration, accelerate innovation and enhance patient care – is now open for interactive client visits and workshops.

Open doors and open minds. Today, we open a new chapter in our long history of research and innovation at Express Scripts, as we celebrate the grand reopening of the expanded Express Scripts Lab.

Expanded to Support Better Healthcare Decisions

In 2010, we opened our industry’s first-of-its-kind research and testing facility, and more than 8,000 guests and 250 clients have visited since.

This year, we more than tripled the size of the original Lab and gathered more than 100 Health Decision ScienceSM experts under one roof to foster collaboration, accelerate innovation and enhance patient care. Our teams work closely with clients on their most pressing issues; research drug trends and human behavior; conduct pilot programs to test new solutions; and counsel patients with chronic and complex conditions.

“… an incubator for ideas, with a startup mentality, fueled by curiosity and compassion”

Tailored Visits and Interactive Experience

Every day, clients visit the Lab and receive a tailored experience based on their needs. We share our stories, approaches and insights as we walk through the different areas of the Lab, interacting with the tools, technology and experts who work there.

During a visit, guests will:

  • Hear from highly trained specialist pharmacists and nurses who intervene and improve the lives of patients, while driving waste out of the healthcare system
  • Dive into their client and member data to uncover patterns, understand trends and compare with peers
  • Discuss their particular pain points and explore what solutions will really move the needle
  • Receive a behind-the-scenes view of early-stage innovation, including in-flight pilots, high-tech/high-touch approaches and digital advancements

Interaction, Innovation and Impact

The Lab is a special place. It’s an incubator for ideas, with a startup mentality, fueled by curiosity and compassion.

Our researchers pore over data and insights to measure, track and understand what’s driving industry trends. From there, our decision designers collaborate with clients to develop and pilot innovative solutions infused with behavioral science principles to drive better decisions. And finally, our specialist pharmacists, nurses and patient care advocates test new ways to engage patients in a compassionate one-on-one setting to help deliver healthier outcomes.

These teams – working together – think, innovate and drive better decisions that lead to healthier outcomes and greater cost savings for members and plan sponsors.

Test, Learn, Repeat

At the Lab, we have many opportunities for client participation. We are here to brainstorm, problem solve and innovate on behalf of our clients and industry partners. This is their Lab. We design solutions and solve the challenges that matter most to them.

Relevant, evidence-based solutions are developed through pilot programs. Pilots help us test concepts, messaging and new technology so that our clients can be confident in the solutions we bring to market.

Today, our pilot and innovation pipeline involves more than 250 clients and 5 million members. Some of the issues we’re currently investigating include:

  • Nonadherence to necessary drugs
  • High cost of specialty medications
  • Member inertia to use lower-cost pharmacy and medication options
  • Suboptimal star ratings
  • Clinical and financial cost of drug addiction

See the Lab Firsthand

Clients are invited to roll up their sleeves and join our experts as we work toward one goal: better decisions that lead to healthier outcomes. We’re focused on launching the best new ways to improve health decision-making, and we want your input, ideas and influence.

Request a visit by speaking with your account manager. Then come see the Express Scripts Lab for yourself, where you will feel the pulse of patient care today and see the potential for healthier outcomes tomorrow.

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Mark Bini, MBA
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