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Feb 26, 2019

Focused on actionable data insights and specialized clinical care, Express Scripts shares perspectives on key healthcare topics this past month.

Innovation Lab

Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are six of our most-read topics from the past month:

1. 2018 Drug Trend Report

Express Scripts clinical innovations saved clients $45 billion in 2018, delivered a 25-year record low drug trend of just 0.4 percent across employer-sponsored plans, and an unprecedented -0.3 percent trend for Medicare plans, according to the findings of our 2018 Drug Trend Report.

2. Here's How the New Congress Can Lower Prescription Drug Prices

The 116th Congress is underway, and among the issues facing our legislators is lowering prescription drug costs. Express Scripts has championed this cause since our founding more than 30 years ago, and we welcome the opportunity to use our experience as we continue to lead this initiative in 2019.

3. Real-Time Visibility Into Cost and Care

Express Scripts is launching a new effort to expand prescriber access to real-time pharmacy information to help customers save money on their prescription medications. This newest service brings transparency not only to prescription prices, but also to clinical care. And, it’s designed specifically for physicians.

4. Preventive Meds Key to Consumer Directed Health

Plan sponsors are turning to CDHPs as a way to lower premiums and shift more costs to consumers. Express Scripts is in front of these trends and we take a holistic approach to supporting CDHP members. We work to ensure that members who have greater financial responsibility for managing their care are able to do so effectively in terms of making better decisions that deliver healthier outcomes.

5. FDA Update: February 2019

Express Scripts’ Emerging Therapeutics team monitors new drug approvals, new generics and other actions from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read about some important approvals and updates we tracked over the past month.

6. Better Health Outcomes. Guaranteed.

As people demand more personalized healthcare and payers seek new ways to get more value for the money they spend, Express Scripts delivers a new clinical management model combining personalized care plans to each individual, high-touch clinical expertise and actionable data insights. Health Connect 360 evaluates the holistic experience throughout a patient’s care journey, connecting all entities and addressing gaps-in-care to help keep people healthier.

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