Recycling Initiative Bottles Up Waste

Dec 21, 2015

A new program to recycle pharmaceutical manufacturers’ pill bottles will keep 70 tons of trash out of landfills.

The next time you’re sitting on a park bench or standing on a deck made of composite materials, it may very well be thanks to a new Express Scripts Pharmacy recycling initiative.

We recently launched a new program at two of our pharmacies – in Whitestown, Ind., and St. Louis – to recycle pharmaceutical manufacturers’ pill bottles. These pill bottles are used to fill our high volume fillers we use for distributing medication to patients.

Finding a partner who was willing and able to recycle drug manufacturer pill bottles was key to this initiative. In addition to pill bottles, the vendor provides recycling services for cardboard.

How It Works

The pill bottles received from Express Scripts are processed and resold to end users who utilize the material in their end products. The pill bottles are run through a process where the bottles are shredded, run through a grinder, an elutriation system to remove small fiber material, and a wash line to clean the labels and other non-plastic contamination.

The material is then shipped to a variety of end users to be utilized in their finished products. A large portion of the material is made into composite plastic lumber that is used in sustainable decking.

Saving Waste from Landfills

This program is keeping a large amount of waste out of landfills every year. In St. Louis alone, we will recycle 21 tons of trash and 49 tons of cardboard in one year. That’s 70 tons of trash – enough to fill more than 50 tractor trailers – that we’re keeping out of landfills.

Implementing this recycling program is something we’re all proud of, and plans are in place to expand it to other pharmacy sites in 2016.

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Joe Williams
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