Putting Members in the Driver’s Seat

Feb 3, 2017

Express Scripts’ User Experience Center is redefining the healthcare experience and improving how care is delivered to our members.

UX Lab

Managing your healthcare digitally should be easy

With the rise in digital commerce and so many self-service options, members expect an easy and quick way to manage their healthcare, too. However, when it comes to managing prescriptions via website and mobile app, it’s important to understand the additional layers of complexity. The experience is very different from ordering a book online.

User Experience Center improves care

Located inside the Express Scripts Lab, the User Experience Center was created to combine best in class design thinking with a deep understanding of prescription benefits and member behavior.

In the User Experience Center, members have direct input into the way we design systems and processes. For example, our online checkout flow was redesigned in 2016 with feedback from our members. Seemingly minor tweaks, such as relocating the “process order” button alleviated confusion and increased order completion rates.

We make the research process turnkey by partnering with clients in an agile work environment – identify a problem, design an approach to investigate it, execute research, evaluate results and adjust the solution. This scientific approach to research boosts confidence in decision making and enhances the overall member experience by supporting safer and healthier behaviors.

If you are interested in scheduling a visit to the Express Scripts Lab or learning more about research opportunities available in the User Experience Center, please contact your account executive or email UserExperienceResearch@Express-Scripts.com.

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