Patient Outcomes: Our Measurement for Success

Dec 11, 2018

For more than 20 years, Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute has been measuring payer satisfaction with PBM services. This independent appraisal helps us improve as we deliver on our mission.

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The healthcare landscape continues to shift, with new ideas surfacing nearly every day in areas ranging from benefit design to public policy, and everything in between. But the goal remains the same: Making healthcare better, simpler and more affordable for patients, payers and providers.

Companies that do well also do good. When we help people get the medications they need for better health, while also saving money and driving value to keep the system sustainable, we are rewarded. When we innovate and come up with new ways to improve safety, or to reach people where they are, making it easier to follow doctor’s orders, we earn the trust of our clients and members.

We are humbled to look back on 2018 and see two key indicators that we’re successful in helping millions of Americans, and their healthcare benefit providers, to meet their goals:

We’re doing it by exposing opportunities, taking on tough challenges and working with others to make healthcare better for the 100 million Americans we are privileged to serve.

A pharmacy benefit manager has many levers to pull, both high-tech and high-touch. Some are in benefit design programs, such as formulary management and utilization management – both of which help ensure patients are getting the lowest cost, highest value and most clinically appropriate medications. Others involve applying clinical expertise to help people do better, whether they’re struggling with a highly complex and debilitating rare disease, or simply need a nudge to remember their daily medication that controls blood pressure and protects against heart attack.

In the PBMI survey, which captured feedback from 466 plan sponsors, Express Scripts earned No. 1 rankings or tied for first place in 30 out of 36 customer satisfaction measures. We achieve that through the individual and collective passion and efforts of 27,000 employees, who show up every day with that singular goal of improving healthcare in mind.

No matter what changes the New Year brings, we know that is our guiding star.

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