Innovating Toward Zero Waste in Health Care

Sep 4, 2014
In Business Roundtable's report, "Driving Innovation in the Health Care Marketplace,” Express Scripts Chairman and CEO, George Paz, highlights innovation at our company.

Earlier today, Business Roundtable published its CEO report, “Driving Innovation in the Health Care Marketplace.”

The report includes a contribution from our Chairman and CEO, George Paz, who highlights how innovations at Express Scripts are driving better health outcomes and lowering costs for consumers, employers and, ultimately, the country.

The foundation of our innovative approach is Health Decision Science. Through the advanced application of the behavioral sciences, deep clinical specialization and actionable data, Express Scripts helps individuals make better healthcare decisions. These better decisions lead to a more effective and less wasteful system. And that leads not only to healthier patients, but healthier budgets as well.

Innovative solutions from pharmacy benefit managers like Express Scripts are expected to reduce the cost of health care by more than $1 trillion over the next decade. As George notes in his article:

  • Only through making better healthcare decisions can we control costs, improve patient care and ensure access to medications on the scale and with the impact this country truly needs.

This comprehensive, high-impact approach recently led Forbes Magazine to name Express Scripts among the World’s Most Innovative Companies of 2014.

To read the full Business Roundtable report, including George Paz’s article, click here.

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