Improving Physician Communication through EMRs

Feb 12, 2015
Electronic Medical Records: Closing gaps-in-care and opening lines of communication.
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Technology that provides a patient’s care team with a holistic view of the patient – through accurate, real-time pharmacy, lab, medical and benefit data – helps improve outcomes and patient safety, and reduces costs.

As a pharmacy benefit provider for more than 85 million Americans, Express Scripts’ vast data resources, technology innovations and predictive analytics deliver actionable data to physicians so they can make smarter, more informed decisions about their patient’s care and treatment. We believe electronic medical records (EMRs) present an important opportunity to use these resources and innovations in new and different ways for an optimal patient experience.

“When pharmacists and physicians have actionable, real-time data, they are able to make more informed decisions and provide better patient care.” 

In a recent interview with Healthcare IT News, Express Scripts’ Heather Sundar explains the real opportunity for EMRs is the ability to vastly improve bi-directional communication between pharmacists and physicians within the physician’s workflow.  With this real-time information, physicians can better understand the patient’s benefit, and can select – at the point of care – what therapy might be most clinically appropriate and cost-effective for the patient.   She also discussed several new initiatives at Express Scripts that will make these opportunities a reality.

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