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Jul 30, 2018

Focused on actionable data insights and specialized clinical care, Express Scripts’ experts share perspectives on key healthcare topics this month.


Express Scripts’ experts share key insights on key healthcare topics right now. Here are six of our most-read topics from the past month:

1. INFOGRAPHIC: Are Rare Diseases Really That Rare?

For the 30 million patients across the country who have a rare disease, the path to diagnosis and treatment can be lonely – and costly. Express Scripts’ new Rare Conditions Care ValueSM (RCCV) program aims to reduce the burden of getting to the right diagnosis and treatment, and ensure success with that treatment once identified.

2. Building Machines That Care

At Express Scripts, along with our outstanding workforce, machines help ensure 100 million people have access to medications that are effective, affordable and safe. Our flexible offerings and technology platform allow us to partner to create more personalized solutions for clients, healthcare providers and patients, in pursuit of better outcomes for all.

3. Safe Opioid Use Across the Care Continuum

Many lawmakers at the federal and state level are making important progress to implement policies to minimize public exposure to opioid medication. We believe there are a few important policy changes, working across the care continuum, that can make a significant difference.

4. VIDEO: What’s Next for ePA?

With the adoption of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) becoming more widespread, Express Scripts is already working on future enhancements, investing in all areas of digital healthcare connectivity to alleviate administrative burden, reduce cost, and put medicine within reach of patients more quickly.

5. When Patients Move, So Should Their Health History

For Express Scripts clients and their members, starting a new job or coverage plan doesn’t mean starting over with a blank pharmacy record. Through patient-centric Drug Utilization Review, Express Scripts can retain health history for patients, improving safety and reducing costs.

6. FDA Update: July 2018

Express Scripts’ Emerging Therapeutics team monitors new drug approvals, new generics and other actions from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Read about some important approvals and updates we tracked over the past month.

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