Express Scripts Earns No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction

Sep 19, 2018

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At Express Scripts, our 27,000 employees proudly serve our 83 million members and 3,000 clients to improve care, expand choice and lower costs. Delivering on this promise and earning our customers' satisfaction and trust is important to us.

For more than 20 years, Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) has been measuring payer satisfaction with PBM services. This independent appraisal helps us improve our services and solutions, and helps us deliver on our mission.

It's also an important validation that our innovative work is greatly valued by those we serve: according to the PBMI 2018 PBM Customer Satisfaction Report of plan sponsors, Express Scripts leads the industry in customer satisfaction, earning the highest overall satisfaction rating, 8.1, among large PBMs serving more than 20 million members.

Satisfaction is rated on a 10-point scale, with 10 indicating highest satisfaction. The survey captured feedback from 466 plan sponsors, including employers, unions, health plan and third party administrators, on 36 measures under four main categories: core PBM functions, non-core PBM services, specialty management and service dimensions.

Among PBMs with more than 20 million members, Express Scripts earned No. 1 rankings on 24 measures and tied for first place on 6 measures, including:

  • Member service
  • Specialty patient customer service
  • Mail-order pharmacy
  • Trend management
  • Delivery of promised savings and service in specialty
  • Clinical consulting
  • Utilization management services
  • Formulary management services
  • Medication adherence programs
  • Effective use of technology
  • Consumer education tools

Express Scripts received feedback and ratings from the largest number of respondents within the report.  The average length of service provided by Express Scripts among our clients surveyed was 7.7 years, the longest among any of the PBMs with more than 20 million members.  We value our clients’ input and we will continue to strive to provide the highest level of care.

PBMI is an independent organization that examines trends in the management of pharmacy benefits to help healthcare and benefits professionals work with pharmacy benefit managers to design drug benefit programs. PBMI provides a forum for payers to exchange ideas and drive marketplace changes that improve pharmacy benefits and control drug costs. This year's customer satisfaction survey was conducted in June and July 2018.

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