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May 11, 2015
What’s the secret to a smarter pharmacy benefit? There’s no single magic pill, but it all comes down to doing what’s right for clients and members.
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Today, plan sponsors face major challenges like double-digit drug trend and plenty of costly medications in the pipeline. Now, more than ever, plan sponsors need the right partner who takes action to reduce increasing pharmacy costs, help them maintain an affordable benefit and ensure safe treatment for all patients.

Pharmacy Smarter

This week, hundreds of our clients will join us for the 2015 Outcomes Symposium, where we’ll share innovative solutions to these current challenges. Together, we’ll explore what it really means to engage in the practice of pharmacy … smarter.

Aligned and Ready to Act

Plan sponsors need a PBM that is aligned with their interests and shares a singular focus on what matters most: serving members while controlling drug spend.

Express Scripts is uniquely aligned with clients’ interests. And we’ve shown why that matters. Because of our action, we helped to ultimately lower the national spend on hepatitis C drugs by more than $4 billion annually.

We have protected our clients even further by negotiating for future inflation predictability within our contracts with other brand-drug manufacturers. Currently, we have inflation caps for more than 150 of the most critical medications – those that represent more than half of our clients’ brand drug spend.

No other PBM matches our innovation, abilities and will to fight for our aligned interests. We have 30,000 people, with one mission: Driving value, service and care for clients and members.

Greater Value. Better Care.

We have an exciting week ahead. We’ll hear from Express Scripts experts like Dr. Steve Miller and Dr. Glen Stettin. We’ll also hear from Dr. Peter Bach, Director at Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Center for Health Policy and Outcomes. As physician and a cancer caregiver, Dr. Bach has advocated for aligning payments and coverage with medical value, rather than requiring insurers to allow every treatment, in every case, at any cost.

I hope you check in here often as we highlight the insightful conversations taking place in Orlando. Please also follow the conversation on Twitter, using #Outcomes15.

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