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Apr 7, 2014
We have an exciting week ahead. Check here often as we highlight the insightful conversations taking place at Express Scripts 2014 Outcomes Symposium. Please also follow the conversation on Twitter, under #Outcomes14.

Each year, we invite hundreds of our clients – some of the most influential people in healthcare – to the Express Scripts Outcomes Symposium to engage in thought-provoking interactions about the future of healthcare and strategies to address the most pressing issues facing patients and payers.

We choose to call it a symposium for good reason. During the year, we spend a lot of time in the trenches working with clients to deliver a world-class pharmacy benefit. Our Outcomes Symposium takes this work to another level as we offer a collection of thinkers, ideas and unconventional wisdom that they can’t find anywhere else.

Creative Evolution

This year, our theme is an idea we are very familiar with at Express Scripts: the Creative Evolution of Healthcare.

Healthcare is complex, unpredictable, always changing. We take pride in knowing our team has consistently – and successfully – taken on big challenges with high stakes and changed the direction of pharmacy.

Our size and scale allow us to create major improvements in healthcare. But we all know those attributes are meaningless without the will to stand up for our clients’ interests. Our history clearly shows the evolution we have driven, guided by our business model of alignment and the will to fight for our clients. Narrow pharmacy networks, home delivery, generics and step therapy are now commonly accepted parts of our business. But at one time they were each uncommon ideas championed by visionaries who took on risks because they knew it would make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Only by asking "why not?" can we transcend boundaries to achieve powerful new healthcare solutions.

Our Outcomes agenda is driven by leaders who have brought their industries to new heights with disruptive innovation; pioneers who were not afraid to ask “why not?” Kayak.com Chairman Terry Jones will share insights on what healthcare can learn from the rapid changes in the travel industry, and how to harness innovation to deliver positive outcomes. Steve Miller, MD, will highlight the levers that PBMs alone can pull to deliver better decisions that drive healthier clinical and financial outcomes. And Glen Stettin, MD, will explore new paths and challenge norms in our quest for safer, more effective and more efficient healthcare.

We have an exciting week ahead. I hope you check in here often as we highlight the insightful conversations taking place in Orlando. Please also follow the conversation on Twitter, under #Outcomes14.

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