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Dec 16, 2014
This month’s Pharmaceutical Executive profiles Steve Miller and features the various ways Express Scripts provides value to our members and clients.

Express Scripts’ Chief Medical Officer, Steve Miller, is profiled in December’s issue of Pharmaceutical Executive.

Dr. Miller highlights the various ways Express Scripts leverages our size and scale to best serve the needs of our members, our clients and the country:

A New Perspective on Nonadherence

  • “Express Scripts is using […] data proactively, to predict which patients will be non-adherent to a medicine even before they take their first pill. Notes Miller, ‘We can also determine why this will be the case…We can link data to the individual: it’s taking personalized medicine right into the pharmacy.’”

Disease Specific Expertise

  • “‘Our pharmacists often have more experience with cancer drugs than the oncologists prescribing them, which makes for better outcomes,’ claims Miller.”

Controlling Costs, While Ensuring Access

  • “If a drug lacks real-world data to show clinical superiority, not in the lab but in the real world, where we have more data than anyone else, then we will do precisely what our PBM business model tells us to do: move market share to the clinically appropriate products that give our members the best discounts.”

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